El Corte Inglés celebrates the 40th anniversary of Club del Gourmet with new products and initiatives

news May 2023 Press Release

What: The company has come up with multiple initiatives that will be developed throughout the year to celebrate the 40th year of Club del Gourmet. 

Why it is important: The initiatives will reflect the unique and innovative concept of Club del Gourmet with exclusive and special edition products. 

Club del Gourmet was created in 1982, making the company a pioneer and benchmark in haute cuisine as it launched an innovative concept that brought together a delicatessen, groceries, confectionery, winery, and a small bar. 

Throughout the years, the company has partnered with nearly 1,000 prestigious national and international suppliers to offer more than 4,000 products. 

Club del Gourmet has undergone different image changes, adapting to current trends but always focusing on excellence and variety and with a strict and careful selection of haute cuisine products. 

Among the initiative proposed to celebrate the 40 year anniversary are agreements with suppliers and special editions of the most iconic products of its offering. 

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