El Corte Inglés promotes an innovative audit system with AENOR for its own brand suppliers

news May 2023 Press Release

What: The company has implemented an innovative audit system with the objective of verifying that the analysis carried out by El Corte Inglés suppliers comply with most demanding quality parameters. 

Why it is important: El Corte Inglés is the first distribution company to have AENOR audit the analytical control plan of its own-brand food suppliers. 

AENOR is the leading certification entity in Spain and will verify that El Corte Inglés suppliers are in accordance with the legislation and quality criteria of the company. 

The new control program will reach 256 of company’s own-brand food suppliers in the first phase with plans for 274 audits in 12 months. 

The objectives of the new plan include: reinforcing food safety, verifying controls that suppliers carry out on their food products, detecting weaknesses in controls and points for improvement, and greater control of batches produced and raw materials among others. 

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