Galeries Lafayette has a new director of sustainable development

news May 2023 Fashion Network

What: Karine Viel becomes director of sustainable development and will report to Frédérique Chemaly, director of human resources and CSR for the group. 

Why it is important: Galeries Lafayette will pursue its sustainable efforts with its Go for Good label which is set to account for more than a quarter of the total Galeries Lafayette offer in 2024.

Karine Viel, a graduate of HEC, made her marketing debut in the coffee and chocolate industry with the giant Kraft Foods in France for about ten years, before joining Comité 21, a structure that disseminates expertise on issues of social and environmental responsibility in large companies and administrations. This CSR expertise brought her to Monoprix from 2012. She developed the responsible offer and worked on diversity issues and environmental footprint. 

On its side, Damien Pellé becomes SMCP group’s CSR and corporate communication director.

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