IADS Exclusive: How to achieve innovation in permanent disruption: the Google Project X example

IADS Exclusive May 2023 IADS

The IADS is at a crossroads when it comes to helping its members, by at the same time addressing their most operational questions and coordinating the informational flow, but also helping them to address future challenges, by questioning their methodology and providing a different point of view.

This is the reason why the IADS invited Eugenie Rives to share her view on the management of innovation and transformation, as the Early Project Managing Director at  Project X, Alphabet’s “moonshot factory”. Before joining X, Eugenie led Operations for Google in France and Sub-Saharan Africa. Before Google, Eugenie worked for Alcatel in Mexico city, managing projects to connect cities and public infrastructure online.

Alphabet’s moonshot factory is the place where uncomfortably ambitious, world-changing ideas are developed. These early-stage moonshot teams are exploring radical new ways to solve some of the world’s biggest problems using breakthrough technology. She explained how a moonshot project works.  

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