Breuninger opens new ground floor in Dusseldorf

news April 2023 Fashion Network

What: The renovations of Breuninger’s flagship store in Düsseldorf have been completed with 14 new shop-in-shops. 

Why it is important: The investments in the luxury and beauty areas show the department store’s commitment to the future of stationary retail. 

The upgrade and redesign has been in the works since 2019 under managing director Andreas Rebbelmund. 

The luxury floor has grown by 30%, with beauty and leather goods totaling 3,500 square meters. Givenchy, Valentino, RImowa, MCM, Dolce & Gabbana, and Chloé are displayed on 1,800 square meters. 

Balenciaga has tripled to 80 square meters with a new concrete ambiance and Saint Laurent and Celine have doubled their space. The department store has also started carrying Loewe which is positioned with bags at the main entrance. 

The beauty area has also grown by 20% with 1,200 square meters featuring new spaces for brands like Tom Ford, Byredo, Diptyque, among others, as well as Le Labo being exclusively sold at the Düsseldorf location. 

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