Burberry premieres its new global store concept in Mexico at El Palacio de Hierro

news April 2023 Fashion Network

What: Burberry debuted its new global store format in Mexico with the renovation of its store at El Palacio de Hierro Polanco.

Why it is important: The opening of the store marked the debut of the new concept in Latin America, making El Palacio de Hierro the first in the region to have the updated format. 

The new concept features checkerboard mosaics, glossy white finishes, as well as glass and mirrors that reflect the natural light from outside, creating a bright atmosphere that imitates a gallery. 

The opening included the arrival of the summer 2023 collection, which features women’s ready-to-wear garments as well bags, footwear, and other accessories designed by Ricardo Tisci. 

Daniel Lee’s first installment, set to take place in the autumn-winter season will arrive in Mexico at the second half of the year according to Burberry’s country manager in Mexico. 

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