Galeries Lafayette elevates its jewelry space

news April 2023 Fashion Network

What: High end and costume jewelry brands have been moved to the third floor of Galeries Lafayette Haussmann. 

Why it is important: With the repositioning of the jewelry department, customers are encouraged to complete their looks as women’s fashion labels are also displayed on this level of the department store. 

Previously located on the ground floor, Galeries Lafayette’s jewelry space has been relocated to the third floor of its Haussmann location in a space called “Le Bijou.”

The space features around thirty brands from accessible to luxury with Agatha, Aristorazy, and Pandora being among the brands with their own corners. 

Two multi-brand spaces are featured, “La Bijouterie” which is dedicated to precious items and features brands such as Charlotte Chesnais, Vanrycke, and Atelier Paulin, and the second space which is dedicated to fantasy, selling items by Satellite, Bohemian Rhapsodie, and two new brands, Pdpaola and Virginie Berman. 

The elaborate décor of the dome plays nicely with the minimalistic display cabinets that are adorned with wood, ivory, or water green colors with golden hardware. 

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