IADS Exclusive: Relational shopping: business cases from Magasin du Nord and Lane Crawford

IADS Exclusive April 2023 Selvane Mohandas du Ménil

It is no secret that relational shopping is becoming very important to grow a retail business from local to international clients, and anyone not aware of it learnt it the hard way during the pandemic. Mobile and web solutions are now helping sales associates understand their customers better and increase sales thanks to a single tool pulling in consumer data points from various channels. The IADS’ role as an expert body is to be aware, explore, and inform its department store members about every aspect of innovation in retail, which is why the Association invited Arnaud Barbelet, COO of Clientela, and Thomas Meyer, CEO of Mobile Now Group to share the importance of relational shopping.

Clientela is a software company based in New York City, with global operations. They aim to reinvent the store as an engine for growth, with a complete suite of Acquisition, Loyalty and Retail Operations solutions. Arnaud Barbelet is COO and co-founder, in charge of European markets. He focuses his expertise on clienteling, consumer experience and product strategy for key brands and retailers including Chloé, Diptyque and Magasin du Nord.

Mobile Now is a leading, full service, mobile development studio, with a focus on digital experiences, products, and platforms. Founded in 2009, it is now present in Shanghai, Hangzhou and Changsha, China and Singapore. An international team of 90, Mobile Now provides consultancy through to UX and UI design, as well as development across all the key mobile platforms. Thomas Meyer, CEO and co-founder, started the company in 2009 after realizing to what extent mobile phones could disrupt consumers’ and retailers’ existences.

Together, they presented examples (Magasin du Nord, Lane Crawford) in order to generate a very lively conversation.

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