The Mall Group wins 2 major awards from the 2022 Asia Influential Brands Awards

news April 2023 Press Release

What: The Mall Group won the award Top Influential Brands, as the top brand with the highest influence on consumers in 2022 in the department store category and the Outstanding Leadership Award for Brand Management. 

Why it is important: The awards reinforce the success of The Mall Group’s business operations, making them a leading shopping centre and department store group in the Asian retail industry. 

The award ceremony is considered the biggest of the year, with six countries across Asia participating for the 10th year. The awards are held in collaboration with Influential Brands CO., Ltd., and Neo Target Company Limited. 

The awards involve an intensive evaluation and selection criteria by the management at Influential Brands, making it an honor and pride to be selected. Research is also conducted from more than 1,000 consumers’ voices across all industries ranging from ages 24-39. The results are made available between June and July, encouraging brands to improve and develop in various dimensions. 

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