The Mall Group’s Chairwoman Supaluck Umpujh in Monocle

news March 2023 Monocle

What: Supaluck Umpujh shares her view on modern retail, including the need for differenciation.

Why it is important: For her, the biggest problem is not tech or rivals, but relationship with luxury brands.

Supaluck Umpujh, the chairwoman of the Mall Group, is a key figure in shaping Bangkok's retail industry, with 30 years of experience in building malls. 

Her latest project, Emsphere, is set to open soon and is a 200,000 sq m mixed-use development with Ikea as its anchor tenant and American live-entertainment giant aeg as a partner for its first arena in southeast Asia. 

Umpujh believes in the value of entertainment and the importance of difference to attract consumers. She also emphasizes the importance of compromise, striking deals through entertainment, and not becoming a retailer as a mall operator. 

Despite the pandemic, Umpujh sees opportunity in every crisis and her retail masterplan for Bangkok includes the upcoming Bangkok Mall, which will be five times the size of Emsphere and is set to open in 2026 to cater to wealthy tourists from China, India, and Indonesia.

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