Prix ​​Culturel Manor 2023: exhibitions not to be missed

news March 2023 Press Release

What: The exhibitions of the artists awarded in 2023 will be held in seven cities across Switzerland. 

Why it is important: The Prix Culturel Manor is one of the main prizes for promoting contemporary art in Switzerland and has kick-started an international career for many artists. 

Manor’s Cultural Prize allows the discovery of emerging artists throughout Switzerland. Exhibitions of the artists awarded in 2023 include painting, sculpture, drawing, plastic arts, as well as dance installations and can be found throughout the country until February 2024. 

This year’s winners include Linda Semadeni in Graubüden, Gina Folly in Basel-City, Reto Müller in Schaffhausen, Lou Masduraud in Geneva, Aurélie Strumans in Valais, Jan Vorisek in Zurich, and Juliette Uzor in St. Gallen.

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