Manor Food has a facelift

news March 2023 Press Release

What: After extensive renovations, the supermarket in Lugano has reopened its doors with an innovative concept. 

Why it is important: The renovated supermarket has eight new sections, offering high quality products and services that enhance the customer experience. 

The new store concept is inspired by Mediterranean markets, with a space that reflects Manor Food’s DNA and uniqueness. Customers can enjoy a full supermarket experience with food departments including a bakery, butcher, fruits and vegetables, a fish counter, and a wine cellar. 

The eight different food departments invite customers to discover the vast space of local food with gastronomic stands that offer daily balanced menus and specialists who can offer sound advice, just as one would experience at a weekly market. 

The Lugano supermarket also features a “Gastromania” section which has four stands and a bar, featuring fresh, seasonal dishes that are made in front of customers. Additionally, the wine cellar hosts over 500 wines, with a focus on local producers. 

As customers are increasingly wanting more transparency regarding the production and ingredients of their food, Manor has prioritized transparency and local foods. The retailer’s “local” program has more than 700 suppliers and 5,000 products nationwide and local suppliers most produce within a 30 km radius of a Manor Food subsidiary. At the new Lugano location, more than 600 products have the “local” label.

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