Jacquemus takes over Galeries Lafayette Haussmann in Paris

news March 2023 Fashion Network

What: Jacquemus has brought its Mediterranean vibe and visual obsessions to the floors, shop windows, and sidewalks of Galeries Lafayette Haussmann. 

Why it is important: The collaboration is an opportunity for Galeries Lafayette to attract younger customers and the first time an independent brand has taken over the store’s 16  windows.

Visitors come across a variety of immersive experiences from a white cube hosting a café with flowers and coffee outside, to a giant toaster that ejects Jacquemus-branded slices of bread. A giant handbag welcomes customers in the entrance of the women’s section while a laundry mat with a large washing machine invites visitors to take selfies in the store’s men’s section. 

The store windows feature a bright, pared-down aesthetic with sunglasses, clotheslines, raffia, and many other cult objects which nod to the French designer’s Provence upbringing and Mediterranean inspiration.

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