El Corte Inglés reorganises its workforce

news February 2023 Modaes

What: The retailer has presented an incentive redundancy plan for employees over 59 years old. The plan includes transferring staff from HQ to stores. 

Why it is important: The goal is to strengthen the stores and improve customer service. The initiative will be agreed upon, coordinated and managed with the workers’ representatives, with whom conversations have already begun.

In 2021, El Corte Inglés already undertook a workforce adjustment plan, based only on voluntary departures. At the end of last year, the group commissioned Accenture with a strategic plan to reduce structural costs with the aim of improving efficiency and margins and automating tasks in the areas of logistics and customer service.

At the end of 2021, the group employed 79,804 people, with an average seniority of 16.1 years. 93% of workers had a permanent contract and 70.7% worked full-time. The number of employees who may join the incentive redundancy plan at 500.

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