IADS Exclusive: Benedict Evans: From the great unbundling to the new gatekeepers

IADS Exclusive February 2023

Benedict Evans is an independent analyst that looks at how tech impacts various industries including retail, advertising, media and others. He has spent six years with Andreessen Horowitz, one of the largest venture capital companies in the US, and prior to this experience, held various roles in strategy and business development in media and telecom companies, including in mobile phones when this was an “exciting, disruptive and sexy” industry.

Every year, he releases an extensive presentation on how he understands the tectonic shifts in technology and their impact on the other industries. The IADS reviewed his 2022 presentation and invited him as a guest speaker at the last IADS General Assembly in October 2022. Now that his 2023 presentation is released, “The New Gatekeepers”, we review how, for him, acceleration in tech is not disrupting retail per se, but rather creating the needed context for the appearance of new models.

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