Jaiio is settling permanently at Galeries Lafayette

news February 2023 Press Release

What: After a successful pop-up in September 2022, the second-hand seller, Jaiio, will join Galeries Lafayette’s (RE)STORE space permanently.

Why it is important: Jaiio offers a selection of premium brands products that are otherwise hard to find second-hand, and also allows customers to sell their own products. 

The 43-meter-squared space will open in early March on the third floor of the Haussmann location. 

Jaiio has the goal of simplifying selling second-hand pieces by offering a turnkey service, where they take care of posting and selling items for customers. Additionally, unsold merchandise is donated to partner charities. 

Jaiio will offer a selection of premium designer clothes, bags, and accessories at up to 80% off the new price and 100% certified authenticity. 

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