IADS Exclusive: KaDeWe, a place to gather

IADS Exclusive February 2023 Selvane Mohandas du Ménil

The IADS travelled to Berlin last November to meet with Andre Maeder, the CEO of the KaDeWe Group, a few hours before the unveiling and celebration of the store’s ultra-luxurious revamp after years of work. Berlin is not precisely coming to the top of mind when it comes to luxury retail when compared to London, Paris or Milan… yet. But while the city undoubtedly is a buoyant and energetic place, the upgrade of KaDeWe, combined with a shiny new airport, might very well be a game-changer and put Berlin on the international luxury map.

We review our store visit, showing the second largest department store in Europe in size remains true to its roots of acting as a local meeting point and a city landmark, and does not only rely on tourists for its future.

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