El Corte Inglés incorporates the “Store Mode” in its app to collect orders in one hour

news February 2023 Fashion Network

What: El Corte Inglés has updated its app with a function that allows customers to pick up their order within one hour in addition to new interactive tools. 

Why it is important: The new function is streamlining the shopping experience for customers as they can easily access new information, pay hands-free in store, and benefit from same-day delivery. 
El Corte Inglés has introduced “Store Mode” to its app which makes shopping with the retailer easier than ever. 

With this update, customers will be able to discover and learn about products, brands, services, and events at their selected location in addition to the ability to connect to wi-fi. 

New interactive tools have also been added to the app that give direct access to coupons, promotions, and the status of orders. 

Additionally, customers will be able to make one single payment in the app at the end of purchase, eliminating the need to carry bags around the store. The app also has a feature that allows users to request a turn in the cafeteria, supermarket, and in other departments to avoid wait times. 

In addition to one hour pick up, the app also offers a same-day delivery service for more than 300,000 products which can be received as quickly as two hours later. 

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