Jacquemus loves the sun, life, and Galeries Lafayette

news February 2023 Le Figaro

What: Galeries Lafayette will be hosting Jacquemus from February 28th until April 2nd.

Why it is important: The French brand specifically wanted to partner with the department store as it works to establish itself as a luxury fashion house. Additionally, an independent brand has never taken over the store’s 16 windows. 

Galeries Lafayette will be hosting a Jacquemus event from February 28th until April 2nd. The store will have three pop-up shops in addition to the windows and street activations where fans of the brand can hang out and take pictures. 

Over the past 2 years, Jacquemus has seen growth in popularity from its e-commerce site but has recently been focused on fun retail with its vending machines for bags and its first storefront opening in September of 2022, as well as a partnership with Selfridges. 

As a result, many department stores have approached the brand but Jacquemus has strategically partnered with Galeries Lafayette as a celebration of its loyalty and support of the brand since 2017. 

An independent designer brand has never taken over the 16 windows of the men’s and women’s stores at Galeries Lafayette. The brand is working towards establishing itself as a luxury fashion house and wants to refresh the notion of luxury by provoking emotion, then a transaction. 

Galeries Lafayette will play a strategic role in this strategy as the event will create an experience for all to discover and immerse themselves in the universe of Jacquemus. Additionally, the brand will join many luxury houses at the department store and gain exposure to Galeries Lafayette’s international clientele. 

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