SM Chairman Hans Sy recognized at The Outstanding Filipino Awards

news December 2022 Press Release

What: SM Prime’s Hans T. Sy was recognized for his contribution to nation-building and resilient support of the country through sustainability and disaster risk reduction at The Outstanding Filipino (TOFIL) Awards 2022 held on December 12 in Manila.

Why it is important: Also dubbed the Filipino equivalent of the Nobel Prize, Sm Prime’s Hans T. Sy TOFIL Award not only honours his personal strength of character and integrity but his success in integrating sustainability and resiliency into the framework of the SM Group’s operations 

Under Sy’s leadership, SM has been a major player in disaster relief efforts and community assistance with initiatives such as the SM Yolanda Housing Program and COVID-19 vaccination programs. As well, Sy helped form the ARISE Philippine Network, which fosters more public-private sector partnerships for capacity building, technological innovation, and sustainability in underserved communities.

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