IADS Exclusive: A window into Web3: IADS’ exploration into the practical application of digital assets

IADS Exclusive November 2022 Devon Blowers

The IADS took the opportunity of the 63rd General Assembly in Geneva to issue POAPs (Proof of Attendance Protocols) to member CEOs as a virtual representation of their 2022-2023 membership as well as POAPs to the graduates of the 2022 Academy Program as a virtual certificate of participation. The inspiration for this activity was to be able to learn by doing and put ourselves in the shoes of our members as they face questions about Web3 and its various applications. The following synopsis is a look into our Web3 journey as well as the takeaways we gathered from the experiment.

IADS provides its members with a weekly in-depth analysis on retail-oriented topics. This is an example of the themes the Association regularly addresses, and the topic of an article from the IADS members-only newsletter date 1 December 2022.

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