The SM Group gathers to create a unified vision for climate change

news November 2022 Press Release

What: The SM Group, in partnership with WWF-Philippines, will gather some of the country’s most prominent corporate leaders to create a unified vision for climate change at the UNITED FOR CLIMATE: Sustainability Forum PH 2022 on November 28 at the Conrad Manila.

Why is it important: The forum creates a platform for the private sector to craft a united vision and action plan, so the companies can align their efforts to address some of the most important issues facing the world and specifically in the Philippines.

Corporate leaders will gather for fireside chats that allow them to share insights and ideas about how companies can practice sustainability, engage their stakeholders, and find solutions that protect the environment, serve the community and improve business efficiency.

The forum will be the start of several sector-wide discussions on innovative climate strategies and practical approaches to climate change.

UNITED FOR CLIMATE builds a community of leaders that is committed to driving ambitious climate action in the Philippines to take synchronized steps towards the goal of sustainability.

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