Manor’s Youngstar Academy apprentices take control in Geneva

news November 2022 Press Release

What: Manor entrusted the management of a boutique in the Geneva department store location to its sales apprentices through its Youngstar Academy program.

Why it is important: As a way of attracting and supporting young talents in their stores, Manor Geneva selected four apprentices, aged 17 to 23, to manage a boutique in-store for an entire month. 

The “Young Fashion” boutique, which they were in charge of, represents more than 500 metres squared of sales area and offers more than 15 brands. The same concept was done in 2021 but with older apprentices in their second or fourth-year apprenticeships. The month they are in charge of the boutique is filled with challenges and competitions like one might see in a reality TV show, another way to engage younger employees.

Apprentices develop a sense of entrepreneurship, team spirit and self-confidence that they take back to their specific department when the training is complete.

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