Galeries Lafayette to open in India

news November 2022 Les Echos

What: Galeries Lafayette continues their international expansion by opening two stores in India.

Why it is important: The group doubles down on promoting fashion as a whole, from entry price points to luxury, which is a strong point of difference with other French operators promoting luxury in their international ventures.
Galeries Lafayette is teaming up with the Indian distribution group, Aditya Birla, to open two stores in Mumbai and New Delhi, respectively with 8,000 sqm in 2024 and then 5,500 sqm later on.

Aditya Birla already operates 3,500 stores in India for various brands and with different formats including The Collective, the largest mutlibrand retailer in the country, stocking brands such as Ralph Lauren, Hackett London, Ted Baker and others.

Both partners insist on the fact that, in India, while international luxury brands are already well established, this is not the same for the rest of fashion brands, and as such, there is a strong potential in the country.

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