IADS Exclusive: Nordstrom, sleepless retailer in Seattle

IADS Exclusive October 2022 Selvane Mohandas du Ménil

The IADS had the opportunity to travel to Seattle to attend and report the Global Department Stores Summit, co-organized with Nordstrom. It was the occasion to review how the iconic US department store is articulating its attention to customers, which they claim to be superior to the competition in the country. On this occasion, we visited the Pine Street store (in the Seattle city centre), a location not as glamorous as the store at Columbus Circle in New York that we reviewed earlier this year.

What is so special about their service and how is it organized in store from the customer perspective? What are the learnings for other retailers? And most importantly, how is this helping in a city still bearing the scars of the pandemic, including a devastated “Retail Mile”?

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