Manor CEO discusses post-pandemic business progression

news October 2022 Swissinfo

What: Footfall in Manor stores is higher compared to 2021, but the average basket size has shrunk likely due to inflation

Why it is important: According to CEO Jérôme Gilg, the pandemic improved digital business which has become complementary to strengthening physical store performance with customers shopping online from inside stores.

10% of turnover for the Manor website is completed by sales advisers on iPads inside the physical locations. Compared to what can be housed in a traditional store, offers half a million items.

Post-COVID, many customers are returning to in-store shopping, but their on-site purchases are shrinking. Click & Collect is growing with 40% of online purchases picked up in-store.

Mr Gilg stated that the group will continue to invest heavily in digital technology and its partnerships with brands such as Sephora, Decathlon, Fnac, Aeschbach, etc. through dedicated spaces.

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