SM’s diversity and inclusion milestones

news October 2022 Press Release

What: SM is committed to supporting women in its effort to be a more inclusive company that welcomes diversity.

Why it is important: SM Investments appointed Ms Elizabeth Anne “Lizanne” C. Uychaco as the company’s first Group Diversity Officer following its official support of female empowerment after signing the UN Global Compact Women Empowerment Principles in March 2021.

Ms Uychaco is currently the Senior Vice President for Corporate Services at SM and sits as a director in various SM companies such as Belle Corporation, NEO, Goldilocks Bakeshop, Inc., Brownies Unlimited, Inc., ACE Hardware Philippines, Inc., Philippines Urban Living Solutions and more. 

SM strives to empower women, which can be seen through its workforce comprising 63% of women. As well, 58% of its female workers hold senior leadership positions. SM believes that having a mix of individuals with diverse backgrounds and skill sets will always improve business and better support the communities it serves. 

Ms Uychaco also leads the Felicidad Sy Sunshine Place which offers comprehensive and enriching programs for seniors.

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