El Palacio de Hierro invests 140 million in Coyoacán

news September 2022

What: El Palacio has created a new centre in Mexico City spread across five levels featuring a variety of services.

Why it is important: Located in the Mítikah shopping complex in the Coyoacán demarcation, the newest El Palacio de Hierro department store boasts shopping, restaurants, bars, cafes, a barbershop, nail salon, shoe servicing centre, tattoo studio and a children’s hair salon all under a huge glass dome.

Customers are quickly converted to frequent shoppers due to the practical nature of the services provided. The architecture design was completed by Mónica Elguea and constructed by the TPG Architecture office. The building and its décor nod to the famous residents of Coyoacán in a subtle way locals are expected to appreciate.

The centre is comprised of 40,000 sq. meters across five levels with 266 spaces for brands. The Coyoacán location employs 952 people so far.

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