Chinese luxury retail giant SKP to open in Guangzhou

news September 2022 WWD

What: The luxury retailer SKP is stepping out of Beijing to open its first location in Southern China in another first-tier city.

Why it is important: SKP is known for running the world’s most profitable mall, SKP Beijing, making its plans a likely motivator for luxury brands to move into the dormant commercial area.

The Guangzhou market has been dominated by Taikoo Hui in recent years, which brought in luxury players like Celine and Balenciaga just this year. SKP’s newest venture is likely to bring even more luxury brands to the Southern Chinese region.

At the closing ceremony of the eighth Guangzhou Annual Investment Conference China and the first Global Unicorn CEO Forum, SKP’s parent company Beijing Hualian Group signed the contract with the Guangzhou government to seal the deal for its plans. The government is hoping to revive the untapped retail zone. Luxury shopping malls, MixC and Taikoo Li, also unveiled plans to open malls in Guangzhou at the conference.

An opening date is yet to be revealed for SKP Guangzhou. However, SKP is set to open a southwest retail hub in Chengdu later this year as well as a location in Wuhan next year.

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