SM wins 4 awards

news August 2022 Press Release

What: Alpha Southeast Asia magazine awards released its 12th Annual Institutional Investor Poll for which SM ranked in the top tiers across four categories.

Why it is important: SM won the number one placement for ‘Most Organised Investor Relations’ and ‘Strongest Adherence to Corporate Governance’ both of which the company has won in past years, its eleventh and eighth wins respectively.

The awards are based on a poll of industry votes from more than 557 investors and analysts across Southeast Asia as well as the US and Europe.  In addition to the number ranking in the previously mentioned categories, the company also ranked among the top for ‘Best Senior Management IR Support’ and ‘Most Consistent Dividend Policy.’ 

The awards recognize SM’s commitment and understanding of the importance of good corporate governance practices for long-term growth, sustainability and success.

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