El Palacio de Hierro’s futuristic commercial campaign

news August 2022 Press Release

What: El Palacio de Hierro releases a film commercial with futuristic visuals to demonstrate the mindset and goals of the company.

Why it is important: As AR and VR grow, El Palacio de Hierro has released a commercial expressing their mission to be a future-forward company.

The commercial is set on a spaceship and features a man and a woman using holograms and virtual technology to try on and materialize different apparel items and accessories. Some examples include a hologram of different constellations turning into diamond earrings and a laser placing holographic eyeliner onto a woman’s eyes. While the visuals are done by special effects the products are part of the real assortment of El Palacio de Hierro.

The campaign is comprised of the film advertisement and a lookbook of cool-toned images also set on the imagined space ‘palace’. There are also behind-the-scenes images and a short video showing how the department store accomplished the filming of the commercial. 

Finally, the campaign encourages social media interaction with the hashtag #ElFuturoEsUnPalacio which means ‘The Future is a Palace.’

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