Falabella increases distribution capacity by 50%

news July 2022 Fashion Network

What: Falabella’s omnichannel distribution centre has increased its infrastructure by 20,000 square metres.

Why it is important: Falabella has increased its distribution capacity by 50% with increased inventory space and improved automation all while maintaining their sustainability strategy.

The changes made to Falabella’s distribution centre will enable the ability to triple the capacity of their e-commerce operation in the coming years. The capacity increase also leads to reduced response time and a greater ability to meet customer needs through improved order processing. 

In addition to the spatial expansion, the warehouse improved its automation with 132 more ‘Shuttle’ robots, automatic packaging machines and environmentally friendly packaging. Finally, Falabella constructed an annexed building dedicated to the storage of perfume improving inventory capacity and product longevity. 

The new facilities meet sustainability requirements, including LEED Gold certification from the US Green Building Council.

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