General Manager changes for Falabella

news July 2022 Peru Retail

What: Juan Luis Mingo will step down as general manager of Falabella Retail Chile to be succeeded by Tomás Platovsky. 

Why it is important: After eight years of working as general manager of Falabella Retail Chile, Jaun Luis Mingo is stepping down and generating surprise within the company as he has been an important manager responsible for the firm’s transformation in recent years.  

Luckily, the experienced executive will be succeeded by another Falabella veteran, Tomás Platovsky. Platovsky is a commercial engineer from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. He has been working as the Corporate Commercial Manager since 2017. 

Platovsky has 15 years of experience working for Falabella; starting as Brand Manager in the sports department moving to the manager of Stand Alone and has held positions as manager of the Eastern Zone of Santiago and Commercial manager in Chile.

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