Falabella recognized for CO2 reduction

news July 2022 Fashion Network

What: HuellaChile awards Falabella with a seal of “Quantification and Reduction” for reducing their CO2 emissions for the last mile shipment by 45 tons.

Why it is important: The certification recognizes Falabella’s electromobility project that the company developed for home deliveries and launched in 2021 in an effort to reach carbon neutrality.

Falabella has been working on reducing their environmental impact since 2016. Their climate change goals are incorporated into the corporate strategy which has led to the ability to quantify 100% of their facilities. Specifically, the Falabella electromobility project certified by HuellaChile used 29 electric vehicles for last-mile dispatches. Charging centres will also be installed in the distribution centres that come from renewable energy so that the entire shipping process is carbon neutral.

Now Falabella has 68 vehicles operating for home delivery in the Metropolitan Region, Temuco, Talca, Concepción, Valparaíso and La Serena.

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