Galeries Lafayette introduces digital fashion

news July 2022 Galeries Lafayette

What: Galeries Lafayette is giving out 3 exclusive digital wearables in a drawing that will take place on social media.

Why it is important: NTFs are revolutionizing the fashion world allowing for endless virtual opportunities. 

In partnership with EGONLAB and Arianee, Galeries Lafayette has launched a contest in win 3 different digital wearables: a wonder bow, bubble shirt, and mushroom boots. Winners will be able to “wear” these items in immersive worlds such as The Sandbox Or Decentraland. This opportunity allows winners to take advantage of unique perks like direct push messages to their wallets, evolutive metadata on Polygon Technology with time stamp features, and Ethereum wallet access from the Arianee app. This new digital fashion trend is more fun, interactive, unique, and makes everything and anything possible in the metaverse playground. 

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