Breuninger partners with Simplon bikes

news July 2022 Press Release

What: Breuninger creates a temporary SIMPLON experience in their Munich department store.

Why it is important: Breuninger’s collaboration with SIMPLON can be seen as a method of addressing the wellness trend through an immersive and curatorial experience for customers that focuses on personalized sports equipment.

Until August 8th, customers can visit the Munich location and experience the advanced technology of Austrian biking company SIMPLON. Clients have the possibility to adapt their own sports bike exactly to their body measurements using a 3D body analysis system on site. The Edition Bikes are also available with selected equipment for certain models that can be obtained from any SIMPLON dealer.

Breuninger’s priority to deliver innovative and creative value to its customers is clearly demonstrated through this interactive experience that offers premium handcrafted bikes and biking equipment developed by SIMPLON.

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