Falabella Retail Sustainability Report

news June 2022 América Retail

What: After Falabella launched its 2021 report, the company detailed the achievements and challenges achieved in these four strategic pillars: environment, innovation, local talent and agile culture.

Why it is important: Falabella Retail launched its +Green strategy in 2021, which brings together the company's environmental efforts with a focus on conscious brands, sustainable operations and circular economy actions. 

The report released good news on this matter, where the company highlighted its zero waste commitment, proposing to reduce its waste by 90% by 2035.

Through the Local Talent program the company has promoted the creative industries of its countries, for more than three years has promoted Latin American artists.  

The social investment measures developed in the last year, mainly through its Making School Program (PHE), which turned 53 years old and provides benefits to students and their communities in Chile, Colombia and Peru.

The great milestone of 2021 was the inauguration of the new Falabella Parque Arauco in Santiago de Chile, the most modern department store in South America that has 25,000 m2 and offers its customers shopping experiences that combine technology with personalized services.

The company is committed to collaborative work, ensuring the professional growth of its workers. This through actions to strengthen diversity and inclusion, as well as those to promote gender equity. Of the more than 29 thousand collaborators of Falabella Retail as of 2021, 67% correspond to women, while in managerial positions this figure corresponds to 43%.

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