Martine at the Galeries Lafayette

news June 2022 Press Release

What: Galeries Lafayette invites the picture-book heroine Martine to its flagship store on Boulevard Haussmann in Paris in an all-new hardback, ‘Martine aux Galeries Lafayette.’

Why it is important: Galeries Lafayette is thrilled to invite picture-book heroine Martine to browse around the aisles of its flagship store on Boulevard Haussmann in Paris, in a new volume published by Casterman, Martine aux Galeries Lafayette.

This previously-unreleased book starring Martine will be sold exclusively at Galeries Lafayette Haussmann and in the French network of Galeries Lafayette department stores, starting July 1, 2022. It will transport readers to Paris’s most emblematic department store through its heroine’s eyes, with an intimist perspective on entirely unknown areas in the store, which provide the backdrop for exciting historical anecdotes.

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