Manor extends partnership with Too Good To Go and reCIRCLE to its restaurant chain Manora

news June 2022 Press Release

What: Manor and the anti-waste company are strengthening their partnership with Too Good To Go by extending it to all 25 Manora restaurants.The Bernese company reCIRCLE also comes into play by offering quality reusable food containers.

Why is it important: The fight against food waste is an integral part of Manor's sustainable development policy. The company recently signed, together with 27 other companies and organizations in the food sector, an intersectoral agreement with the Federal Office for the Environment with the aim of halving avoidable food losses by 2030.

 In order to continue to contribute to this objective, all Manora restaurants will now be present on the Too Good To Go application, also in partnership with the company reCIRCLEwhich designs reusable packaging and is the winner of the coveted "Swiss Economic Award" 2020: quality, homemade and local food at incomparable prices in an environmental approach.

In order to anchor itself in a more ecological and sustainable line, Manora meals will be served exclusively in reCIRCLE reusable boxes. This implies for customers to pay a deposit of 10 francs on departure. They will thus benefit from a quality container, reusable hundreds of times and exchangeable for life or refundable in partner stores.

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