El Palacio de Hierro’s ‘The Selfie Experience’

news June 2022 El Sofa

What: An extrasensory initiative called ‘The Selfie Experience’ arrived at El Palacio de Hierro in CDMX.

Why it is important: With this proposal, El Palacio de Hierro seeks to make instagramable backgrounds for customers to use during their visit at the department store.
Palacio de Hierro stated that it emphasized the power of selfies using extrasensory technology in order to give the photos a better finish. “The world changed the day we discovered the power of a selfie and nothing was ever the same. This form of self-portrait has evolved along with technology.”

The Selfie Experience is made up of several backgrounds to take selfies alone or with friends. In the complex, there are spaces with mirrors, lights, images, and textures for people to prepare their best smile.

The immersive space for taking Instagram photos is located on the third floor of Palacio de Hierro Polanco. To enter The Selfie Experience you do not need to make a reservation or pay a fee.

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