Falabella to strengthen digital growth strategy in Peru and the region

news June 2022 Peru Retail

What: Falabella is joining efforts to strengthen its digital commerce strategy in the region by implementing three measures to achieve their goals. 

Why it is important: This year Falabella seeks to strengthen its digital commerce strategy in all the markets where it operates. Along these lines, CEO of Falabella, during the company's last quarterly results conference, anticipated what those strategies would be that they would carry out in the region. To achieve these goals, over the next few months Falabella will implement three measures.

The first step is the launch of an optimized seller platform. “The current platform is an adaptation of the technology we acquired after the purchase of Linio. We are improving the functionalities in terms of interaction with the marketplace to track sales and inventories, which will increase the number of sellers”, explained Falabella's CEO.

The second step is will be officially launched in the Peruvian market during the second half of the year and in Colombia in the first months of 2023.
Third, the Chilean company is also developing a pilot of its Falabella Directo service, which allows sellers to make same-day or next-day delivery of orders. This functionality will be implemented in a more open manner in the coming months.

In Peru, the anticipation was that Falabella would have important investment plans for this 2022. Specifically, that it would invest USD 711 million, of which USD 418 million, that is, about 60%, will be destined for technology and logistics. While the other 40% will be oriented to the development of physical stores in their country of origin, as well as Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, and Peru. Part of this investment they are committed to continuing to promote their e-commerce and launch new features to incorporate SMEs into the platform.

Meanwhile, the main focus will be on the marketplace platform, especially on the incorporation of sellers, the vast majority of which are small or micro-enterprises. While the second focus will be e-commerce, particularly for retailers, as well as the launch of the marketplace in Peru and Colombia.

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