El Corte Ingles doubles down on sustainability

news June 2022 El Mercantil

What: El Corte Inglés completes its supply chain sustainability plan by a new approach to packaging

Why it is important: The company is well advanced in the process and might be showing the way for other IADS members.

El Corte Inglés has set new targets related to their sustainability strategy: all plastic packaging to be removed (both in B2C and B2B) by 2025 in the private label business (a sizeable effort given the number and the size of these businesses), the whole supply chain has until 2030 to be using only renewable energy, which goes for instance through the use of vehicles using alternative fuel, concentrating a maximum of deliveries in the same go, and the review of all third party suppliers.

This is part of the Residuo Cero plan, launched in 2019, which initially looked after the supply chain in all logistic platforms, and which is now extending to the packaging.

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