IADS Exclusive -Transformation in retail: Innovative Thinking Interview with Ron Johnson, CEO and founder of Enjoy

IADS Exclusive June 2022 Selvane Mohandas du Ménil

During the World Retail Congress in Rome in early April 2022, the IADS had the opportunity to be part of the panel interviewing retail veteran Ron Johnson. This IADS Exclusive issue is a transcript of the interview and fits perfectly into our Innovative Thinkers series, launched last September. Listening to Ron Johnson, his past experiences, questions and successes, casts a new light on some of the ideas that he pushed forward in some of his tenures, especially at JC Penney, at the light of what happened during the pandemic. Also, he shares an interesting retrospective vision of his own career and how he contributed to changing the way retail works, either through successful initiatives, but most often, in his own words, with “things that did not work”.

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