El Corte Inglés recognized as one of the most popular platforms for consumers in Spain

news June 2022 Fashion Network

What: El Corte Inglés was mentioned alongside some of the major platforms like Amazon and Aliexpress as one of the most popular platforms where Spaniards buy the most.

Why is it important: The three marketplaces were noticed for their positive evaluations from their buyers about their products.  An element that is very important for more than half of the respondents, who find it essential to consult the reviews before buying a product or service.

The study also reveals what the current consumer is like in Spain. With, 64% of Spaniards make more than one online purchase per month, and their main searches are based on products or services related to fashion (68%), electronics (60%) and travel (58%).

The study also shows that there is a growing number of offer platforms that bring together the most interesting promotions from all these online shops in a single portal.

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