Switzerland's first LEGO Shop of the future opens its doors in Manor Geneva

news June 2022 Press Release

What: The first LEGO Shop of the future in Switzerland will open its doors at Manor Geneva. 

Why it is important: The shop-in-shop follows a new concept of LEGO stores focusing on experience and digitalization with a focus for everyone, not only children. 

The 100 square metre shop-in-shop at Manor Geneva will offer giant models, a digital play table, and Digibox which brings LEGO sets to life through augmented reality. The concept emphasises that the experience is for children and adults alike with a range of challenging LEGO sets meant for advanced fans. 

There will be a series of events to celebrate the opening from a speed construction context, to a DJ, to a showcase with the winners of the French edition of the LEGO Masters 2021.

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