Galeries Lafayette celebrates the French touch

news May 2022 Fashion United

What: Galeries Lafayette will pamper French creativity this summer through an ambitious program of events combining music, fashion and NFT.

Why is it important: Galeries Lafayette on boulevard Haussmann opens its doors of the panoramic terrace to welcome from July 5 to August 31 a program combining cinema at the end of the day music with a selection of leading artists and young labels from the French scene. 

This free festival, open to registration on the department store's website, will not forget to succumb to the vogue for NFTs since an exhibition of crypto art curated by Obvious, a French collective of artists and researchers using algorithms as pioneers of artificial intelligence to create works of art and whose work was highlighted in 2018 with the sale of one of their paintings, the first of its kind, at Christie's New York, will be held from July 6 to 10.

This will also highlight a selection of French labels, emerging or iconic. Nodaleto, a French house of shoes made in Venice founded in 2019, Casablanca a contemporary fashion house dedicated to protecting and promoting a holistic approach to design and craftsmanship, D 'Estrëe Parisian brand created in 2016, the Martin Martin label which positions itself on responsible fashion, the Magali Pascal brand presented exclusively at the Creative Gallery on the 2nd floor of the department store while, produced on the occasion of this event French Touch, the Galeries Lafayette brand will unveil a limited edition short wardrobe produced entirely in Troyes, the historic cradle of the French textile industry.

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