Falabella launches "Scan and Pay"

news April 2022 Fashion Network

What: Falabella's retail division has launched "Scan and Pay", a system with which customers can buy and pay from their cell phones, without having to go through checkout.

Why is it important: Users can scan their favorite products and pay for them using the Fpay application. This experience has become a testing laboratory, allowing the company to adjust and improvements, such as the option to remove the alarms from anywhere in the store, avoiding the customer having to go to checkout to conclude the process.

"Scan and Pay" is part of the range of solutions developed by Falabella in its goal of permanently optimizing the shopping experience of its customers, such as the implementation of self-service checkouts and the payment system with assistants through iPads. Both strategies make it possible to decongest traditional checkouts and make way for other transactions such as exchanges, returns, and cash.

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