Falabella registers 34 facilities certified as sustainable

news April 2022 Fashion Network

What: As part of its +Green strategy, Falabella Retail has announced that 32 stores and 2 distribution centers of its business already have the international LEED certification of sustainable buildings, this at a regional level in Chile, Peru and Colombia.

Why is it important: The new Falabella Parque Arauco and two stores in Peru are in the process of being certified, so that in 2022 the sum would reach 37 sustainable facilities. Those that have the seal will also have a plaque at the entrance so that customers can identify them as sustainable premises when entering.

Falabella Retail developed, together with the Chile Green Building Council (GBC), its own in-store environmental performance rating called the +Green Seal, in order to make the efforts and responsibility visible to customers with first-rate sustainable facilities.

According to Falabella, this seal is regional and it is expected that by 2022 100% of the company's stores in Chile will have this distinction.

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