El Corte Inglés collaborates with UNICEF Spain in the humanitarian emergency in Eastern Europe

news April 2022 Press Release

What: El Corte Inglés has launched an initiative to raise funds from customers and employees that will be channeled through UNICEF Spain. Additionally, El Corte Inglés will be donating medical and basic necessities to help those affected.

Why is it important: This collaboration is part of the strategic alliance that El Corte Inglés has maintained with UNICEF Spain since 2017.

With the money raised, UNICEF, which is present both in the conflict zone and in the neighboring ones, will be able to acquire and distribute essential products and necessary medical supplies at all times.

On the other hand, volunteers from El Corte Inglés are classifying food and basic material donated by the company itself with the aim of sending them to strategic points for later distribution among the affected population.

Specifically, this initiative responds to the commitment of El Corte Inglés to the needs of society and in line with the principles of the United Nations Organization (UN) of humanity, impartiality, neutrality in independence, as well as its vocation to participate in those actions aimed at helping the most disadvantaged.

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