El Corte Inglés has designed its first 3D fashion collection

news March 2022 elEconomista

What: El Corte Inglés has created its first 3D fashion collection with the objective of increasing the efficiency and sustainability of its collections. This approach would also shorten the development and production of garments.

Why it is important: 3D design collections are enabling companies to have shorter development and production times by decreasing processing times and allows for pre-testing by conducting preliminary test of a sample online prior to creating stock.

The 3D collections will allow the improvement of the production and offers the chance to build communication between departments and suppliers with traceable and digitized online communication. Additionally, these collections allow for collaboration and design to be the front of the collections. With the chance to collaborate with consumers for their opinions on collections prior to manufacturing while also collaborating with different designers in various locations. 

The 3D fashion design will lead to a 50% sample reduction, a 15-day decrease in the time it takes to process collections for approval and allows for the teams carrying out the promotion at the point of sale can intervene two months in advanced. This results in improvements in sustainability, efficiency, in the product and in sales. 

The first garments of this pilot project that will be designed in 3D are those corresponding to the spring/summer collections.

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